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Management Team

Hector Escarcega
Principal Owner and Founder

Hector Escarcega started his career in technology in the mid 1980s. Since then he has worked as a programmer, data coordinator, technical trainer, corporate supervisor, system/network engineer, technical sales trainer, and developer for numerous companies. These companies include: University of Arizona, Garrett Allied Signal Aerospace Engineering, Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI), Ascend Communications, Lucent Technologies, Gateway, Mentat Communications, and Packeteer. His key strengths include translating complex technical information into simplistic understandable terms. This ability in translating information has enabled him to leverage technical sales staff in increasing revenue. Customers have consistently requested Hector by name to provide clients with technical solutions understandable to everyone, clients and customers at every level.

Contact Hector today via email or phone at 480.205.5433 to find out more about his background. Resume containing further specifics.

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