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 » LAN Technologies
 » Web & Programming
 » Administration

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 » Lucent Technologies
 » Cisco Systems
 » Microsoft
 » SUN Microsystems

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Courses Offered  » Lucent Technologies  » Cisco Systems  » Microsoft  » SUN Microsystems

HCompute Technical Courseware

HCompute offers a wide variety of technical courseware designed to enhance the knowledge of telecommunications professionals. We offer courses that explain the theory and operation behind many common wide area and local area networking protocols. We offer web-related courses, such as World Wide Web fundamentals and programming in Java.

Select a course from the menu items below to view the course outline and availability. Many of the courses we offer will soon be available on the web. Contact us today to learn more about the availability of our courseware on the web.

Generic Courses

WAN Technologies
 » Introduction to SONET
 » Introduction to Fiber Optics
 » Introduction to ATM
 » Introduction to Frame Relay
 » Introduction to MPLS
 » Introduction to Voice Over IP
 » Introduction to GSM/GPRS

LAN Technologies
 » Ethernet
 » 802.11 Wireless LANs
 » Firewall Installation and Management

Web and Programming
 » World Wide Web Overview
 » Java Programming
 » XML Programming

 » Unix Fundamentals
 » Unix Network Administration
 » Unix Network Programming
 » Linux Fundamentals
 » Linux Administration

Product Specific Courses

Lucent Technologies
 » B-STDX/CBX/GX Switches
 » MAX/TNT/Stinger/Radius Products
 » Navis Network Management

Cisco Systems
 » CCNA Bootcamp
 » CCNP Bootcamp
 » Deploying Cisco WLANs

 » MCSA Preparation
 » MCSE Preparation

SUN Microsystems
 » SUN Solaris Unix Training

 » PacketShaper
 » SkyX

 » Steelhead Introduction and Advanced Administration
 » Cascade aka SteelCentral
 » Granite aka SteelFusion
 » Certification Preparation - Instructor helped write the original exam

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» Wi-Fi Alliance
» Light Reading
» IEC.org
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