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Courses Offered  » Introduction to 802.11 Wireless LANs

Introduction to 802.11 Wireless LANs

Course Description
Wireless technology has opened the door to many new applications that were not possible only a short few years ago. No longer bound by harnesses of wired networks, people are able to access information from almost anywhere with the help of wireless LAN technologies. This introductory course presents some principles of wireless local area networking and where they can and should be used. Also, this course will focus on the IEEE wireless LAN protocol suite, 802.11. Topics covered in this course include motivation behind the development of a wireless LAN technology, IEEE 802.11 architectures and protocols, 802.11 layers, and 802.11 operations and applications.

For more information on the availability of this course, contact us today. This course will also be made available online. Send us an e-mail for more information regarding the web-based version of this course.
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