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Lucent Technologies Product Training and Education Courseware

HCompute consultants have years of experience installing, configuring, troubleshooting, and supporting various Lucent products. HCompute's founders have extensive experience teaching and developing technical courseware surrounding the core Lucent data product lines. Most of our consultants are from Ascend, Cascade, and Stratus. The Lucent product families that HCompute supports are:

 » STDX, B-STDX, CBX, and GX Multiservice Switches
 » PipeLine IAD, SuperPipe IAD, CellPipe IAD Products
 » MAX, TNT/APX, RADIUS and NavisRadius Access Products
 » SpringTide, AccessPoint, AnyMedia Products
 » IPSEC, SecureAccess, LSMS Brick Firewall Products
 » PSAX Product Family (Yuri and Sahara)
 » Stinger DSLAM Products and Terminators
 » Navis Network Management Software (NavisCore and NavisAccess)

Contact us today to learn more about how HCompute can deliver effective training on your Lucent products.

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